Case Study of the intercultural communication of the National Library of China during the pandemic


  • Ni Guo National Library of China



International exchanges, National Library of China, intercultural communication, online video conference


Purpose: As information technologies and digital libraries have become mature, smart libraries will bring more convenient services to the public. Taking the National Library of China as a case study, the article reveals that the international exchange business of the library in the post-epidemic era has been transformed from traditional physical communication to online video communication as the major form supplemented by physical communication, and this transformation has in turn stimulated the development of virtual communication technology services, which has played a role in the construction and development of smart libraries.

Methodology: The research method of this paper is a case study which followed a questionnaire survey for collecting primary data. Part of the primary data involved in this paper comes from the author's work experience, and the other part comes from the questionnaire survey.

Findings: The demand for international exchanges has not declined due to the spread of the pandemic and the public is gradually adapting to online interaction. 95% of the people in this survey believe that the current overall experience of the NLC's online video international exchanges is far from expectations. 

Originality/value:The analysis of the international exchange practice in the past two years has brought enlightenment to the development of library.




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Guo, N. (2022). Case Study of the intercultural communication of the National Library of China during the pandemic. International Journal of Information and Knowledge Studies, 2(1).



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