Mapping knowledge structure of artificial intelligence research in Bangladesh based on co-word analysis


  • Rajesh Kumar Das Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Sharif Ul Islam University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Purpose: This article aims to map the knowledge structure of artificial intelligence (AI) in Bangladesh through detecting the interdisciplinarity and topic hotspots in the light of co-word analysis.

Methodology: This study adopted bibliometric analysis of publications collected from the Web of Science (WoS) database. The WoS database was searched and 1557 publications were found. 1359 papers were selected for final analysis after eliminating duplicates. Co-occurrence words matrix, keyword clusters, hot topics were mapped using co-word analysis. The results were mapped, clustered and presented by VOSviewer.
Results: The result showed a rapidly increasing publication trajectory with 12 sub-domain cluster under the AI knowledge domain in Bangladesh. It also identified that AI, machine learning, classification, neural network, deep learning, artificial neural network, convolutional neural network, support vector machine and data mining are hot topics during the period of studied time. However, the findings also suggest that many research areas in the research domain of AI of Bangladesh is still nascent.
Limitation: VOSviewer often avoid having overlapping terms when multiple terms are positioned very close to each other. So, the overlapping terms remain invisible sometimes.
Practical implications: This study may have potential usefulness in uncovering the AI research fields’ intellectual structure within a discipline and also to anticipate future innovation pathways of AI field in Bangladesh.
Originality: Bibliometric methods to explore the research trend and growth of AI research field as a ‘knowledge base’ in Bangladesh is one of the first attempts.

Author Biographies

Rajesh Kumar Das, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh

Rajesh Kumar Das is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Information Sciences at Noakhali Science and Technology University. Mr. Das did his bachelor and master from University of Dhaka. His primary research interests focus on the linkages among scientific domains, using science mapping and metascience methodologies. He has also concurrent research in information behavior, data science, scholarly communication, and knowledge transfer. He has presented papers at conferences home and abroad, published papers in international peer-reviewed journals, and contributed articles to newspapers, magazines etc. He has served as research editor, chair of conference sessions, and officer of Special Interest Groups.

Mohammad Sharif Ul Islam, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mohammad Sharif Ul Islam is an Assistant Professor at Information Science and Library Management Department, University of Dhaka. He spends most of his time teaching and research along with numerous voluntarily and social works. Mr. Islam has achieved his MSC in Data Science from the University of Sheffield, UK under the Commonwealth Scholarship. Prior to that, he received both of his Honors and Masters degree from University of Dhaka. He is a strong voice of equality and justice, and thus, his research interest lies with any contemporary social issues, i.e., health, education, information fits within the spectrum of quantitative research.




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Das, R. K., & Islam, M. S. U. . (2021). Mapping knowledge structure of artificial intelligence research in Bangladesh based on co-word analysis. International Journal of Information and Knowledge Studies, 1(1).



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