Continuing professional development for college teachers in Bangladesh

Exploration of critical success factors


  • Md. Hafiz Iqbal Government Edward College, Pabna, Bangladesh
  • Shamsun Naher Government Saadat College, Tangail, Bangladesh
  • Shamsun Akhter Siddiqie National Academy for Educational Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Purpose: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a fundamental issue for knowledge management in teaching. Teachers get more benefits from it because of the opportunities for participation in training, workshops, seminars, symposiums, mentoring programs, research work, coaching, and others.  This study explores college teachers’ perceptions about CPD at the college level for knowledge management and lifelong learning and identifies the factors that contribute to designing CPD.

Methodology: An organizational case study with mixed methods and a multistage cluster sampling technique were applied to carry out this research. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, college teachers’ face-to-face appointments were converted to e-mail communication to capture data.

Findings: Of the 63 scheduled appointments, 37 (58.73%) respondents sent their responses via e-mail. For proper empirical evaluation, we used the non-parametric Mann–Whitney and Shapiro–Wilk tests. Tested and confirmed result of the study suggested that age, subject, length of service, gender, in-house training, necessary skills, administrative support, networking capacity, and online facility are the important contributors to CPD and knowledge management.

Implications of the study: The facts and findings of our study are very important for policymakers and stakeholders to formulate appropriate policies. 

Author Biographies

Md. Hafiz Iqbal, Government Edward College, Pabna, Bangladesh

Md. Hafiz Iqbal is an interdisciplinary researcher. His expertise includes environmental economics, health economics, energy economics, pedagogy, and ecological economics. Iqbal began his career in Banking and moved into Bangladesh Civil Service in 2005. Iqbal did his BSS from Rajshahi University and MSS in Economics from the same. Later, he did his MS from Hiroshima University, Japan, MSc in climate change from Independent University, Bangladesh, PhD from Bangladesh University of Professionals. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Professor (Economics) at Government Edward College, Pabna. He has written book chapters, journal papers and presented his research works in several conferences worldwide.

Shamsun Naher, Government Saadat College, Tangail, Bangladesh

Shamsun Naher has a long a vision from her student life to become a teacher. She did her Bachelor degree in economics from Dhaka University and Masters from the same. She did her second Masters in education from Bangladesh Open University. Her dream fulfilled when she started her career in 1993 as a lecturer in a government college. Her expertise includes knowledge management, productivity of human capital, wage and employability. She also completed PhD from Bangladesh University of Professionals. Presently she is working as a professor and head of the Department of Economics in Government Saadat College, Tangail. She published few research papers in national and international journals.

Shamsun Akhter Siddiqie, National Academy for Educational Management, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shamsun Akhter Siddiqie, Associate Professor of English, is working as a Training Specialist at National Academy for Educational Management. She joined Bangladesh Civil Service in 2003. Ms. Siddiqie completed B.A. (Hons) and M.A. in English Literature from Dhaka University. She secured her second Master’s degree in Population Sciences from the same university. She completed MEd in Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language from Monash University, Australia. Ms. Siddiqie worked as a reviewer and a translator of textbooks published by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board. She worked several times for the Cabinet Division to translate the Parliament Speech of the Honorable President of Bangladesh.




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Iqbal, M. H. ., Naher, S., & Siddiqie, S. A. (2021). Continuing professional development for college teachers in Bangladesh: Exploration of critical success factors. International Journal of Information and Knowledge Studies, 1(1).



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