Editorial articles as source of information on COVID-19: A study of “The Telegraph”


  • Tania Sarkar M Phil Scholar
  • Swapna Banerjee Professor, University of Calcutta


COVID-19, editorial articles, social media, frontliners


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to analyze the information on COVID-19, as reflected through the editorial     articles, and to find out how these articles will benefit the scientists, policymakers, researchers, and librarians etc.

Methodology: The contents of the editorial articles of the newspaper were examined using content analysis method to find out what kind of information they served and appropriate keywords were selected pertaining to the COVID-19 issue.

Findings: Total 43 keywords were found from the articles which were analyzed to find out on which facet of COVID-19 the newspaper stressed.

Research limitations: The present study is limited to only one national newspaper widely circulated in West Bengal. The time span chosen covered the first wave of     the pandemic i.e., from March 2020 to March 2021. Only editorial articles of the newspaper are taken for the study.

Originality: To the best of the researcher’s understanding, this type of work has seldom been undertaken in the country. This type of research is very much required to aware the public regarding COVID-19, and the steps taken by the Government in combatting it.

Social implications: The role of newspaper in society is noteworthy, especially when newspapers concentrate on some news related to the health education scenario, and especially if it is very much in the public interest. The editors have a great role to play in bringing out the exact scenario of COVID-19 to the public. Therefore, this work has a great social implication.




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