Exploring the responsiveness and practice of using subscribed journals in Bangladesh


  • Sabrina Aktar National University, Bangladesh
  • Md. Shiful Islam University of Dhaka




Purpose: This study was conducted to examine subscribed journal usage by postgraduate students at Dhaka University Library.

Methodology: The study collected primary data from 62 students enrolled in the thesis group at the postgraduate level in the art faculty. The data was analyzed using SPSS and Microsoft software, and the findings were described using frequency tables and data analysis.

Findings: The findings reveal that 28.3% respondents were unaware of e-journals, 35% were aware but not using, and 36.7% were aware and using them. The study found that the Department of Information Science & Library Management has a high adoption rate of e-journals. Teachers and thesis supervisors are significant in creating awareness about e-journals among students. Search engines and library websites are the preferred routes for accessing e-journals, while publishers' websites are the least preferred. Searching difficulties and limited assistance are the top reasons, while time constraints and slow downloading have the lowest number of responses.

Practical implications: This study sheds light on crucial research implications, such as the need to bridge the gender gap in accessing e-journals, customize support according to academic departments, maximize the roles of educators, streamline access routes, overcome usage obstacles, provide assistance to non-resident students, enhance preferred platforms, resolve technical challenges, and evaluate long-term effects. These insights provide valuable guidance for improving the utilization of e-journals in academic environments.




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Aktar, S., & Islam, M. S. (2023). Exploring the responsiveness and practice of using subscribed journals in Bangladesh. International Journal of Information and Knowledge Studies, 3(1). https://doi.org/10.54857/ijiks.v3i1.70



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